IT&M Stats provides services in different modes of intervention : Full Service (FS), Functional Service Partnership (FSP) and Consulting Services.

Scientific research

Post-Market Solutions

Market Access Solutions

Training Solutions


They are dedicated to you and seconded for a defined time to strengthen your teams, our consultants are selected to best meet your needs. They work according to your procedures, on your information systems and under your operational/project direction.

Functional Service Partnering

More flexible than the individualized service, the FSP allows you to benefit from dedicated, non-seconded employees. The advantages are numerous: cost control, better retention, business continuity, etc.

Depending on the complexity and size of the platform, IT&M Stats offers coordination or operational management in addition.

Significant FSP platforms are setup with a coordinator who provide technical oversight and expertise in day-to-day tasks.

Standalone and Full Services

The in-house delivery capabilities of IT&M Stats CRO activities are currently based on the recent acquisitions of the Astek Group.

Our procedures reflect the consolidation of these experiences and expertise around IT&M core, DNA wich is information technology and management.

More recently, the integration of consultants with successful experience with several clients has allowed us to develop centers of excellence.

Contact our Internal Services Services

All our services can be declined according to the three models.

As cost control and quality are our two major drivers, your tailored solution may be a combination of Full Services (FS), Functional Services Partnership (FSP) and Consulting Services.

Our IT&M Stats employees combine technical expertise, business expertise, professionalism, interpersonal skills and quality know-how.

Scientific Research 

IT&M Stats supports you in scientific discovery, on laboratory or pre-clinical projects.

Our data analysis and visualization experts, as well as our scientific consultants, will work hand-in-hand to accelerate your discoveries.

Market Access Solutions

IT&M Stats supports you in transforming R&D results into marketable solutions.

Our teams in Clinical Operations, Biometrics, Medical Affairs and Vigilance will make every effort to control costs and meet deadlines. Our target is to undergo the research challenges with you, as a partner.

The Project Manager, as a robust player, ensures the quality of the services through a solid communication and risk management plan.


Post-Market Solutions

IT&M Stats helps you strengthen scientific evidence and popularize it through the analysis of information collected in everyday life. We are able to support you in health economics analyses (HEOR, RWE) as well as in sensory or consumer analyses.

Training Solutions

We offer a wide range of training courses in statistical methodologies (data mining, modelling, multidimensional analysis, design of experiments, statistical comparisons and tests, RWE) and programming (R, SAS, Rshiny, Python).

Shaped as modules, we adapt the content and exercises to the specific needs of the client and to the trainees’ level.

We offer training solutions built for and with the customer, tailored to the needs of your employees, and we provide customized quotations on request. Our training is available as distance learning or face-to-face.